AEER Told Chairman Rio Tinto To Stop Participate in Environment Destruction in Grasberg, Papua

AEER spoke at the Annual General Meeting of Rio Tinto at 11 April 2018 in London, UK, to Board of Directors and shareholder, told that companies should to stop participate in environment destruction in Mimika Coastal Area, West Papua, Indonesia that has long been affecting environmental destruction to the communities.

Pius Ginting, Coordinator of AEER mentioned condition of communities in Pasir Hitam village, a fishery communities that life coastal area and estuary around Ajwa River. A village with around 100 people inhabitants in 1970s.  Since tailing had been disposed in Ajwa River Tailing Disposition Area and surrounded their coast area, majority of community had to leaved the village because to live in Pasir Hitam has been more difficult for water access, and water transportation has been obstructed  to the village due to tailing sedimentation.

AEERs also demanded that company must ensure justice fulfilled for the family the late Imakulata Emakeparo that was shot dead by security forces that working for company in February 2018.

Activist from London Mining Network (LMN), Andrew Hickman also asking the responsibility of Rio Tinto  on environmental destruction and human rights violations if the company pulling out from Grasberg mining.

Roger Moody, activist of  LMN reminded long history of human rights violation and environmental destruction related to Grasberg-Eastberg mining, asking company apply the policy of Norway Pension Fund that has withdrew its investment in Rio Tinto due to potential prolonging environment destruction and human rights violations.


Further report from Rio Tino plc AGM, April 2018 can be be found here


AEER report of coastal area Mimika due to Grasberg mining can be found here



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